Why Every Business Needs a Logo Design

A Brief History of  Logo Design

Cheap Logo Design
The history of logo design goes back to the medieval times, more particular medieval goldsmiths and blacksmiths whom used identifying marks imprinted within their work. Logos were even used to represent medieval towns and villages, for easy recognition. The word logo in Greek means “to count, tell, say, speak.” Logos are more than a visual representation of something, but in fact tell a brief story or idea. For instance the Nike Logo, the “swoosh,” tells a story in itself of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.  The “swoosh” is in fact a representation of Nike’s wing.  Logos are a representation of what that business does and stands for in the customer’s perspective.

A recent Study of the Importance of a Logo
Zupek Web Services has conducted a recent study regarding the importance of a company having a logo. Here is brief summary of what they have found:
1)    A logo is the key element in the company’s brand, by defining who they are.
2)    A logo provides insight to the company’s brand, with the combination of line, shapes, colors, and even font.
3)    A logo employs uniqueness towards other companies. In other words similar companies offering similar services can be almost entirely unique with the use of a good brand name and professional logo design.
In summary it is important for a company to have their own logo. A logo is essentially a company’s identity, which often stands out more than words. As studies have shown over and over again, pictures or visualization is easier to remember and provides more meaning then just having a brand name. In conclusion to this study it is crucial for a company to have their own logo custom to them.

Whether you are considering having your logo redone (re-designed) or if you don’t have one already, designed, then it is very important for you to find a professional logo designer. Logo designers need to have vision and understanding to best assist you.  A logo designer needs to realize that he/she is not just creating a logo, but a trademark, a visual story of your company.  It is very important to find the write logo designer.  It is also important to find a logo designer whom doesn’t charge a ridiculous price for a custom made logo. They have been a few logo designers in the past that have charged hundreds, even thousands for a custom made, no-revisions logo. Unfortunately in the past, I have learned this the hard way, but it wasn’t until I started comparing the prices and services of various logo designers. One thing I noticed right of the bat was a “30 day money back guarantee,“ and most of the cheaper logo design services offered them.  After researching a handful of logo designers, ranging from cheap to expensive, I realized some of the most expensive providers offered average work, where as cheap/normal providers offered roughly the same. In conclusion I suggest you make sure to do your research before considering buying from a logo designer. Finally I would like to suggest a recent logo designer that I have had a great rapport with, called Zupek Web Services. They offer cheap logo design at a very affordable price. When I first found them I was little hesitant due to having one of the cheapest prices I have seen, but after seeing their 30 day money back guarantee I decided to give it a go and too my surprise the logo they designed was superb, one of the best I have seen.


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